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Rapid rail recognises responsibility for the environment and are committed to reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint in both the detail and larger aspects of our operations

Rapid Rail implement good working practices to protect and conserve the environment within their places and systems of operation. We ensure staff are also aware of this policy and implement this ethos as part of staff induction and training.

Rapid Rail has a full Environmental Policy available to download below, which recognises our commitment to environmental responsibility beyond both the legal and regulatory requirements.

We seek to reduce our environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy, corporate ethos and operating methods. Rapid Rail also encourages all Suppliers and Stakeholders to assist us in these endeavours to minimise our indirect impact on the environment. In line with this objective we abide by any of the required client or site systems of operation.

Some examples of methods we are using currently, which include

  • Recycling site materials where possible such as steel
  • Careful selection of suppliers to ensure co-operation on environmental ethos
  • Deliberate preparation of contract to ensure environmental impact is considered
  • Reducing the amount of printing carried out
  • Recycling office waste, paper, cardboard and glass
  • Sharing vehicles, vans rarely go to site with one employee
  • Servicing and maintaining vehicles regularly to keep vehicles in the best of condition thereby reducing emissions and need for continual replacement
  • Careful selection in the buying of appliances, plant and office supplies to ensure environmental value and reducing waste.

As with other aspects of Rapid Rail’s operational development and growth, we continually review the way in which we can improve our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. We are responsive to the suggestions of staff suppliers or clients in this respect.

Environmental Downloads

File SizeDate
Rapid Rail GB Ltd Environment Policy Statement 110.10 KB26/01/2017

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