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RO3531 EDF - Replacement Crane Rail System


Rapid Rail carried out the full removal and replacement of the system.

2 x 74m of 56kg rail. The rails sit on a resilient rubber pad, held by welded base adjustable clips. The existing rail is obsolete, this was replaced with New A65 crane rail. Clips to be welded to the beam at the existing pitch of 600mm, new pad installed and the new rail landed and all rail fully puddle arc welded and joints ground to profile. Rails set to span and retorqued to the manufacturer’s specification.


The existing rail system was removed in its entirety, the beams were cleaned by Rapid Rail engineers to take them back to their parent metal to allow for clip welding. The new clip bases were welded to the beam to the existing pitch of 600mm, beams were then painted with an anti-corrosive paint by specialist contractors before new pad was rolled out into position.The new A65 rail was then lifted to the beam and all joints fully puddle arc welded and joints ground to profile.Upon completion all rails were set to span and alignment, and all clips were tightened and torqued to the clip manufacturers specification.


The installation was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.


During a project to remove and replace the cooling water forebay electronic overhead traveling crane, Rapid Rail GB removed and replaced the crane rails prior to the installation of the new overhead crane. The engineers that attended site displayed brilliant professionalism throughout the project through any and all challenges they faced. They created a great rapport and worked well with the other on-site contractors for the duration of the works. They displayed a passion and pride for the high-quality completion of their work and are among the best external contractors that have been used on site.

Thanks again to everyone that was involved with the project, it was a pleasure to work with them all. We look forward to and welcome the guys back on site anytime.”