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Rapid Rail are excited to have completed phase 1 of a 4-phase project, this time on behalf of EMR Tilbury. The project consists of the removal and replacement of nearly a kilometre of rail.

The environmental benefits of metal recycling are enormous. Using recycled metal to produce new steel as opposed to it being made from new ore, saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide for every tonne of steel produced. Today in excess of 30% of new steel is produced from recycled metal.

The site plays an important role in EMR’s activities in the South East of England. It handles over 1 million tonnes of UK-produced scrap metal, mainly iron and steel, every year.

“At present, phase 1 has been completed on time and phase 2 has been scheduled in for Late July. We are excited to have the opportunity to work on a project that plays a pivotal role within the steel recycling industry for the South of England.”

Rapid Rail GB Limited.