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Street Cranes has awarded Rapid Rail GB Limited a contract to install rails for their overhead cranes at The Siemens Hull Development.

The installation includes a whopping 1228 linear meters of rail – enough rail to edge at least 4 full sized football pitches, in four different bays at heights of up to 15 meters (just think of stacking 3 London busses on top of each other!) and enough fixing clips to fill a small swimming pool!

Siemens £160 million investment in wind turbine production and installation facilities in Yorkshire will be based at Alexandra Dock. The investment will provide a huge boost to the UK’s offshore wind industry and the Humber region. The combined investment from Siemens and ABP of £310 million will create up to 1,000 jobs directly, with additional jobs during construction and indirectly in the supply chain.

The 10-acre (40,000 sq m) blade factory is part of a 133-acre development that includes manufacturing and servicing facilities and a pre-assembly harbour. The factory is due to open in September 2016, with the first batch of turbines scheduled to be produced by early 2017.

Siemens’ Hull Project Director Finbarr Dowling said:

“The overhead cranes have a huge impact on productivity so it is essential that the products and the teams behind them are of the highest standard. Throughout the tender process, Street proved that it had the expertise, resources and flexibility to meet our demands and deliver a solution that maximises efficiency, safety and production output.”

‘Gus Zona, operations director at Street, who is managing the contract added:

“We are proud to be working with Siemens on such a significant project that is going to have a major impact on the UK’s offshore wind industry as well as the wider economy.”